History of Horsley Park

Aboriginal people from the Cabrogal tribe, a sub-group of the Gandangara tribe, have lived in the Fairfield area for over 30 000 years. European settlement began in Fairfield in the early 19th century. Horsley Park was originally part of Colonel George Johnston's 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) property "Kings Gift", which was given to him by Governor King for his part in putting down the Irish Rebellion at Vinegar Hill in 1804.

After his death it passed to his daughter Blanche who in 1829 married Major George Nicholas Weston. He built an Indian colonial style homestead on the property and named it "Horsley" after his birthplace in SurreyEngland. Horsley Homestead is one of the few remaining early colonial buildings in the Fairfield district today protected by The Australian Heritage National Trust.

In 1959, the Horsley Drive (so named because it leads to Horsley Park) opened up as a continuous route from Lansvale. Horsley Park Public School was opened in 1931.[3]

Today, Horsley Park is known to have a rich Italian and Maltese heritage residing. It is also known for being the original location for the formation of Club Marconi.

Current State of Family Health

We have been inundated with families who are upset and scared, some are complaining about not being able to sleep, it is effecting their health and their families. Many of these families lie within green corridors or roads to be build through their homes. Council cannot and will not push into our lives and take everything we have worked so hard for, simply because they want to develop the area into an urban Jungle.  People of this area are tough and resilient, we will not let you take our land. Fairfield Council we call on you to support your residents and drop this Proposed Rezoning. Collectively we are ready to take the fight to State and National Government, News, Media and Radio stations. 


In Years gone by Horsley Park was known for its market Gardens who supply the local sydney population with fresh produce, these market gardens still exist today, as do chicken farms, piggeries and also Flower growing businesses. Majority of properties are now Estate homes and growing families wishing to live in a rural setting. Council Rezoning plans would wipe these history rich areas off the map and create high density housing and factories in our back yard. Greedy councils plans would mean a huge increas in " Yearly Rates" for the Fairfield city council. 18000 dwellings x Estimate $1200 per year Council rates = $21,600,000 in revenue alone, this does not take into account the massive rates the Employment zone would make. NO REZONING, Please make your submission heard.


Horsley Park and Cecil Park have minimum 1ha (2.5acre) lots which create a beautiful vibrant rural settings. Council's rezoning plans are to add 18,000 Homes and some 4000 plus employment buildings in this area


Put simply Council does not care about our environment, people in these areas maintain their properties to a high standard. The bird life native flora and fauna is amazing, every day something in our backyard is different. Under council plans this will become a concrete jungle, they will bulldoze Peoples Homes to create a green corridor which in their eyes makes everything ok.  Green corridors are required percentage of rezoned land so the plans can pass through NSW government. They do not care for the families and life memories they are displacing. NO REZONING Please make your submissions heard.