Hay Barrels

What We are About

Horsley Park action group has come about for one reason only, the total lack of Respect by Fairfield City Council. All residents in the area have received letters advising them of Proposed Rezoning of Horsley Park as an Employment Area and Cecil Park as a residential and Industrial development.

Three proposals have been Put forward, all with the same outcome for residents, property acquisition for new roads, bulldoze houses to create green corridors, high and medium density residential for Cecil Park, Employment zone for Horsley park meaning Factory units and Office blocks.

People choose to live here simply to escape the day to day hustle and bustle of our cities, we choose to live here to raise our Family in natural surroundings and room for our families and extended families to grow. Choice is ours and not councils to determine our fate.

Fairfield Council and NSW Government have other ideas, forced acquisitions, tear apart families homes, move in with big business and destroy everything Horsley Park and surrounding areas are renowned for, open space and a community spirit rarely found these days.

We will not sit back and accept any decision Forced on our by Fairfield City Council, the action group and its members are here to take up the fight and be heard.