Hay Barrels


Together with passionate residents we have been able to regroup and create a working Action Group. 

Our Current Status:

  • Online Petition Launched November 27th

  • New website Launched November 29th

  • 276 Online Petitions Signed and growing daily

  • 363 Website visits

  • Community Banners Being Erected

  • Multiple meetings with Residents, Prominent residents, Fairfield council and discussions with Major Frank Carbone

  • Ongoing meetings with News and Media due to be released shortly

  • Action Group Letter sent to Fairfield Council and Major with our current feedback

  • After 2 weeks Fairfield Council has released 2 more option due to community feedback!

What we need to do:

  • Volunteers Needed to assist in getting the word out 

  • Small funding and Donations to cover print media and online costs.

  • Door to Door visits with neighbours and community to assist in when they do not understand the changes proposed.

  • Mailbox leaflet deliveries

If you can assist in any way please contact us. Together we WILL make a difference.